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Plus Size women want to know more about Plus Size Models because they want to look like them. Here you can find everything, from home town to measurements and weight to hair color about famous plus size models like Robyn Lawley, Sophie Dahl, Ashley Graham, Katya Zharkova and hundreds of others. There are thousands of websites, where you can find beautiful and hottest photos of models but you can't find a single web where you can get detailed information about hot full-figured models. As a large size woman, I've faced these issues and for your ease, I've presented here complete data about top plus size models. Now you can get your desired information about extended-size fashion icons within a second. If you can't find your famous plus size model in the list and you want to know about her then inform us here.

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  • Christina Schmidt

    Christina Schmidt
    Country:Canada Home Town:Kitchener-Waterloo Cup:43 Hips:44 Height:5'7" Hair Color:Brown Eye Color:Green Shoe Size:8.5 TV Shows:Degrassi: The Next Generation
  • Miranda Walz

    Miranda Walz
    Country:United States Home Town:Vancouver, Washington Measurements:42-33-42 Cup:D Height:5'7 Hair Color:Black Eye Color:Hazel Dress Size:10 Shoe Size:8.5
  • Tess Henstra

    Tess Henstra
    Country:Netherlands Bust:42 Cup:C Waist:35 Hips:48 Height:5'10" Hair Color:Blond Eye Color:Green Shoe Size:41-42
  • Rosie Mercado

    Rosie Mercado
    Country:USA Home Town:Southern California Bust:44" Waist:39" Hips:60" Height:5'9" Hair Color:Brown Eye Color:Brown Shoe Size:11
  • Sabine Gruchet

    Sabine Gruchet
    Country:Australia Measurements:40DD-34-40" Cup:D Height:5'10" Hair Color:Dark Brown Eye Color:Blue/Green Shoe Size:10.5 Occupation:Fashion Model/Plus-size Model Official
  • Olivia Katz

    Olivia Katz
    Country:USA Bust:39 Waist:33 Hips:41 Height:5'9 Hair Color:Light Brown Eye Color:Hazel Dress Size:10/12 Shoe Size:9
  • Sandy Dietrich

    Sandy Dietrich
    Country:Germany Bust:38 Cup:E Waist:32 Hips:42 Height:5'8 Hair Color:Red Eye Color:Blue Dress Size:12/14 Shoe Size:6
  • Christina Mendez

    Christina Mendez
    Country:United States State:New York Bust:38 Cup:C Waist:32 Hips:44 Height:5'9 Hair Color:Auburn Eye Color:Brown Dress Size:12
  • Kelsey Olson

    Kelsey Olson
    Bust:38" Cup:D Waist:39" Hips:46" Height:5'10" Weight:190 lbs Hair Color:Blonde Eye Color:Blue Shoe Size:10.5
  • Sophie Sheppard

    Sophie Sheppard
    Country:Australia Home Town:Perth Measurements:38d-41-49" Cup:D Height:5’10″ Hair Color:Blonde Eye Color:Blue Dress Size:16 Shoe Size:10
  • Louise O’Reilly

    Louise O’Reilly
    City:Dublin Current City:Dublin Bust:36" Cup:D Waist:34" Hips:42″ Height:5’9″ Hair Color:Blonde Eye Color:Brown Dress Size:16
  • Jamie Litt

    Jamie Litt
    Bust:46 Cup:D Waist:38 Hips:49 Height:5'9" Weight:215 lbs Hair Color:Brown Dress Size:16 Shoe Size:10.0
  • Justine LeGault

    Justine LeGault
    Bust:36 Cup:C/D Waist:32 Hips:45 Height:5’9″ Hair Color:Blonde Eye Color:Blue-Green Dress Size:14/16 Shoe Size:10
  • Saffi Karina

    Saffi Karina
    Bust:32" E Waist:27" Hips:38" Height:5’10″ Weight:130 lbs Hair Color:Brown Dark Eye Color:Hazel Dress Size:10 Shoe Size:7
  • Jennie Runk

    Jennie Runk
    Country:USA Bust:36" C Waist:33″ Hips:46″ Height:5’10″ Weight:170 Pounds Dress Size:16 Shoe Size:11 Agencies:Mother Model Management(mother agency), Ford Models
  • Victoria Leigh

    Victoria Leigh
    Country:USA Bust:38″ Cup:D Waist:29″ Hips:40″ Height:5’9″ Weight:155 lbs Hair Color:Brown Eye Color:Hazel
  • Lauren Burnett

    Lauren Burnett
    Country:Australia Measurements:32-24-34.5″ Cup:B Height:5’11″ Weight:130 lbs Hair Color:Black Eye Color:Blue/Grey Dress Size:10 (US) Shoe Size:9
  • Tara Lynn

    Tara Lynn
    Country:USA Measurements:38-34-47″ (US) Bust:38 Cup:C/D Height:5’9″ Hair Color:Brown Eye Color:Green Dress Size:16 (US) Shoe Size:9.5 (US)
  • Mariesther Venegas

    Mariesther Venegas
    Bust:38 C Waist:35″ Hips:48″ Height:5’9″ Hair Color:Brown Eye Color:Brown Dress Size:14/16 Shoe Size:9 Official
  • Laura Wells

    Laura Wells
    Nick Name:Wellsy Country:Australia Bust:36″ D Waist:30″ Hips:42″ Height:5’10″ Hair Color:Brown Eye Color:Green Agencies:Wilhelmenia-NY
  • Johanna Dray

    Johanna Dray
    Country:France Bust:39″ Cup:C Waist:30″ Hips:42″ Height:5’11″ Eye Color:Hazel Dress Size:18 Shoe Size:8
  • Toccara Jones

    Toccara Jones
    Country:USA Home Town:Dayton, Ohio Born:1981-03-13 Age:41 Years Measurements:36F-28-38″ Height:5’9″ Weight:161 Pounds Hair Color:Brown Eye Color:Dark Brown Occupation:Fashion Model
  • Denise Bidot

    Denise Bidot
    Country:USA Home Town:Miami, Florida Measurements:41-32-45.5″ Bust:38 Cup:D Height:5’9″ Weight:200 Pounds Hair Color:Brown Official
  • Joanne Borgella

    Joanne Borgella
    Country:USA Home Town:Uniondale, Long Island, New York Born:1982-05-29 Age:40 Years Waist:33″ Hips:46″ Height:5’9″ Hair Color:Black Occupation:Singer Official
  • Mia Tyler

    Mia Tyler
    Full Name:Mia Abagale Tallarico Country:USA Home Town:Hanover, New Hampshire Born:1978-12-22 Age:44 Years Measurements:47-41-48″ Height:5’7″ Spouse:Dave Buckner (2002-2005) Films:People Are Dead, Don’t Stand So Close to Me, O Brother Where Art Thou? Reality Show:Celebrity Fat Club
  • Crystal Renn

    Crystal Renn
    Country:USA Home Town:Miami, Florida Born:1986-06-18 Age:36 Years Measurements:36B-26-36″ Height:5’9″ Hair Color:Dark Brown Eye Color:Brown Shoe Size:9 Spouse:Gregory Vrecenak (2007-2009)
  • Whitney Thompson

    Whitney Thompson
    Country:USA Home Town:Atlantic Beach, Florida Born:1987-09-26 Age:35 Years Measurements:36-32-43″ Height:5’10″ Weight:85 Kg Hair Color:Brunette Eye Color:Green Shoe Size:9
  • Amy Lemons

    Amy Lemons
    Country:USA Home Town:Doswell, Virginia Born:1981-01-17 Age:42 Years Measurements:36C-28-40″ Height:5’11″ Hair Color:Blonde Eye Color:Green/Blue Shoe Size: USA 9, EU 40, UK 6 Films:The Gymnast(2006) & Johnny Benson’s Adventures in the Blogosphere(2005)
  • Sophie Dahl

    Sophie Dahl
    Country:UK Home Town:London Born:1977-01-01 Age:46 Years Measurements:36-26-37″ Height:5’11″ Hair Color:Blonde Eye Color:Blue Spouse:Jamie Cullum Children:Lyra Cullum
  • Chloe Marshall

    Chloe Marshall
    Home Town:Cranleigh, Surrey Born:1991-03-27 Age:31 Years Measurements:38D-32-42″ Height:5’10″ Weight:80 kg Hair Color:Brown Eye Color:Blue Dress Size:16 Official
  • Robyn Lawley

    Robyn Lawley
    Country:Australia City:Girraween, New South Wales Current City:Girraween, New South Wales Born:1989-06-13 Age:33 Years Measurements:36D-32-42″ Height:6’2″ Weight:180 lb Hair Color:Light Brown Eye Color:Green Official
  • Natalie Laughlin

    Natalie Laughlin
    Home Town:Trinidad Measurements:36-32-39″ Height:5’9″ Hair Color:Brown Eye Color:Brown Education:Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting Achievements:5 consecutive billboards in Times Square Official
  • Barbara Brickner

    Barbara Brickner
    Country:USA Home Town:Enumclaw, Washington Measurements:38-34-43.5″ Cup:D Height:5’9″ Hair Color:Brown Eye Color:Hazel Dress Size:14 (US) Shoe Size:10.5
  • Emme Aronson

    Emme Aronson
    Real Full Name:Melissa Miller Country:USA Born:1963-01-01 Age:60 Years Measurements:43-33-44″ Height:5’11″ Weight:190 Pounds Hair Color:Brown Education:Kent School, Syracuse University Spouse:Phillip Aronson
  • Kate Dillon Levin

    Kate Dillon Levin
    Country:USA State:Washington Measurements:36D-32-41″ (102-81-104 cm) Height:5’11″ Hair Color:Brown Eye Color:Blue Shoe Size:9.5 Spouse:Gabe Levin TV Shows:Mad Men & Top Chef
  • Velvet D’Amour

    Velvet D’Amour
    Country:USA Home Town:Rochester, New York Born:1967-01-01 Age:56 Years Height:5’8″ Weight:136 Kg Films:Avida TV Shows:La Ferme Célébrités en Afrique Official
  • Fluvia Lacerda

    Fluvia Lacerda
    Country:Brazil Born:1980-01-01 Age:43 Years Measurements:43-35-48” Height:5’8″ Weight:Unknown Hair Color:Brown Eye Color:Brown Start Modeling:2003 Official
  • Ashley Graham

    Ashley Graham
    Country:USA Home Town:Lincoln, Nebraska Born:1988-01-01 Age:35 Years Measurements:38D(bra) 36-34-47″ Height:5’9″ Spouse:Justin Ervin Start Modeling:2000 Best Known For:Lane Bryant’s Lingerie Model Magazines:Vogue and Latina
  • Tess Munster

    Tess Munster
    Country:USA State:Mississippi Born:1985-01-01 Age:38 Years Measurements:48-42-45” Height:5’4″ Hair Color:Brown Eye Color:Brown Favorite Place: Hips & Curves (For Bras) Official
  • Candice Huffine

    Candice Huffine
    Country:USA Home Town:Georgetown, D.C Born:1984-01-01 Age:39 Years Measurements:38-33-43.5″ Height:5’11″ Hair Color:Brown Eye Color:Brown Spouse:Matt Powers Appeared:S Moda Magazine May 19, 2012
  • Katya Zharkova

    Katya Zharkova
    Country:Russia Home Town:Smolensk Born:1981-01-01 Age:42 Years Height:5’10″ Weight:Who Cares Hair Color:Blonde Eye Color:Brown Official

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